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International Workshop

June 29, 2021

International workshop, virtual Mainz, July 2021

People on the move are always in place through their bodies, and by being in place, they co-constitute these places. Throughout their journeys, even those displaced […]


December 21, 2022

Honduras – Fieldwork at Second Fieldsite

In Honduras, in August and September 2022, the fieldwork mainly focused on a migrant shelter in Danlí, a town close to the Nicaraguan-Honduran border crossing in […]
August 26, 2021

Fieldwork at the Mexico-Guatemala border

In Mexico, in August 2021, the fieldwork mainly focused on Tenosique, Tabasco and El Ceibo, Guatemala. In both cities there are migrant shelters that provide humanitarian […]
August 5, 2021

Keynote International Workshop July 2021 -Wendy A. Vogt (IUPUI Indianapolis)

Etched into Place: Racialized Landscapes, Embodied Movements and Communities of Knowledge along Mexico’s Arterial Border and Beyond  Through a metaphor of etchings, this talk explores the […]
June 29, 2021

New Publication: Displacement and emplacement in African…

…migrant trajectories.A shifting yet grounded transnational social field: Interplays of displacement and emplacement in African migrant trajectories across Central America: In this article, we draw on […]